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Solar Panel PV Systems Installation & Maintenance

Our installations are carried out by a highly experienced and competent technical team who ensure that quality installations are done with safety as a pre-requisite.

Before installations, our Engineers carry out system sizing and design and ensure that the best materials and equipment are supplied to our clients. Our technical team always follows installation guidelines and procedures during installation and testing, commissioning, and training of users is involved before systems are powered on.

For Solar systems to work efficiently and achieve their design life, effective operation, and maintenance of the systems are fundamental, and Vision Green Engineering in Congo often conducts preventative operation and maintenance of all the systems installed by us, which helps in ensuring the optimization of the system performance for longer life.

Water Pumping Solution and Plumbing Works

Our water pumping systems are sourced from leading pump manufacturers like Grundfos, Lorentz, Pedrollo, Shakti, and CRI pumps among others designed for domestic, agricultural, and industrial applications.

Our pumps come in a variety of designs including solar, electric, and engine pumps with various application categories like groundwater pumps, surface pumps, immiscible pumps, circulator pumps, booster pumps, and many more.

Our engineering team ensures that the right water pumping and plumbing services are offered to meet your water needs.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

  • Installation of electrical security systems (alarm and camera).
  • Installation and technical monitoring of electrical equipment’s
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical fires protection systems;.
  • Industrial lighting,