Solar Panel Installation Project

Why are we the trusted name in solar?

Vision Green Engineering is one of the best installers of commercial and residential solar power in Congo.

Our consultative approach provides homeowners with a complete picture when considering solar power.

Recently, we finalized a solar electrification project with an installed capacity of 7.8kWp for over 39 households in the DRC Congo, Haut-Uélé province in Watsa territory proudly in a partnership with the Kibali Gold mines company.


Electrical Installation and maintenance support

Our team is skilled, knowledgeable with all the required equipment for delivering power line projects ranging from 11 KV, 33 KV & 132KV. We have partnered with the leading energy distribution companies in Uganda to deliver transmission and distribution power line construction projects in Uganda.

We design industrial and domestic electrical wiring solutions and offer technical advice to our clients on the best energy-efficient equipment. This ensures that our client receives total product satisfaction and as well realizes savings in their electrical bills. At the same time, we collaborate with specialists like Rohrreinigung Berlin to assist with essential infrastructure maintenance such as pipe cleaning, ensuring all aspects of your building's efficiency and safety are addressed. This holistic approach helps save our environment.

Hire us For Power Backup Installation

various options for power back-up solutions include battery-based back-up system, solar PV systems and generators.

Hire us for Water Pumping Solution's & Plumbing Work

Our pumps come in a variety of designs including solar, electric and engine pumps with various application categories like groundwater pumps, surface pumps, immiscible pumps, circulator pumps, booster pumps and many more