Hire us for Solar PV Installation & Maintenance to gain high quality results

Vision Green Engineering will mobilize appropriate equipments to perform all contracts to our client’s full satisfaction.

  • Less Impact To The Environment,.
  • Save On Utility Bills,
  • Reliable Energy Source,
  • Low Maintenance Costs.

Solar PV Installation & Maintenance

Our installations are carried out by highly experienced and competent technical team who ensure that quality installations are done with safety as a pre-requisite.

Prior to installations our Engineers carry out system sizing and design, and ensure that the best materials and equipment are supplied to our clients.

Our technical team always follows installation guidelines and procedures during installation and testing, commissioning, and training of users is involved before systems are powered on.

For PV systems to work efficiently and achieve their design life, effective operation and maintenance of the systems is fundamental. Vision Green Engineering often conducts preventative operation and maintenance of all the systems installed by the company, which helps in ensuring optimization of the systems' performance for a longer life. To further enhance the quality and effectiveness of technical documentation in this field, many companies now engage the services of a ghostwriting to meticulously research and articulate complex technical content. This ensures that the academic rigor and precision expected in such documents are maintained.

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Industrial Plumbing Services

With Our Industrial plumbers we take care of all aspects in large-scale industrial projects – from the planning stages to the jproject completion.

Work involved can include drainage and sanitation, water plumbing design, portable water lines, hot tapping, poly-pipe welding, backflow prevention, and torpedo pipe cleaning, among others.

  • Installation and maintenance of pumps,
  • Laying of pipes,
  • Installation of water distribution networks
  • Preventative and Scheduled Maintenance
  • Emergency Service, Fault Finding & Repairs
  • Installations & Project Management
  • Plumbing Design Water, Sanitary and Drainage
  • Back flow Prevention
  • Gas Fitting
  • Drain Clearing
  • Green Solutions and Water Harvesting

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Industrial Electrical Services

We offer a wide variety of the best industrial and specialized electrical services including: commercial maintenance, solar and renewables installation, systems integration and low voltage solutions.

From preminery planning through completion, Vision Green Engineering skillfully, safely, and efficiently completes facility turnarounds and shutdowns.
  • Installation and technical monitoring of electrical equipment’s.
  • Industrial lighting.
  • Electrical Preventive Maintenance
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical fires protection systems;
  • Installation of electrical security systems (alarm and camera).

Whether you are looking for a de-energized cleaning and tightening; high-end primary and secondary breaker injection testing; or a comprehensive energized program, we have what you need.

Bore Hole Drilling

  • Consistent Supply
  • Works For Almost Any kind of Property
  • Easy to Maintain,
  • Saving Money
  • Increases Property Value

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Alternative Power Solutions

Our systems have the following attributes:

  • power back-up solutions include battery-based back-up system
  • stable and reliable energy back-up solutions to reduce on interruptions brought up by power outages from the national grid..
  • Identifying available options if the site has restricted access.
  • Checking existing service connections.

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